steel cans and tins pint, quart, gallon or five gallon

Steel Cans

Steel cans offer the greatest variety of selection in the 5 gallon steel can range. We stock unlined steel cans and lined steel cans in both open and closed top varieties.

Container Areas

Steel Cans and Tin Cans

Steel cans is another term frequently use for steel pails. Tin Cans are not made of the same material as steel pails so we need to make that differentiations no matter what you choose to call it. For the purpose of this website their are two styles tinplate cans and steel pails. Tinplate is the material that paint cans and slip cover cans are made out of, while pails, drums a made of steel.

Unfortunately container size is no real help as there are one gallons steel pails and one gallon steel drums just as their are one gallon paint cans adn one gallon slip cover cans.

Steel Cans

Steel can are made of steel not tinplate. Typically these are referred to as steel pails but we have included them here to make it easier to find for people familiar with them as steel cans.

Tin Cans

Tin cans are made from tinplate not steel. This is the material that paint cans and holiday cookie tins are made from.