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We stock half gallon plastic containers and half gallon glass containers. This group includes jars, bottles and cans.

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We stock a complete line of plastic, steel, metal, tinplate, fiber, plastic, corrugated and glass containers and packaging. Our line includes drums, pails, bottles, barrels, boxes, bucket, jars, jugs, covers, caps, pumps, seals, bungs and many other items to handle your packaging needs.

Seven and a Half Gallon Containers

ImageColorCapsDescriptionPackPricing Quantity/Price
7.5 Gallon Kraft M755-3X Lok-Rim Fibre Cover Fibre Drum Kraft None 7.5 Gallon Round M755-3X Lok-Rim Fibre Cover Fibre Drum
Item# SFD024198
ID# 312
Dimensions (interior / inches)
Length: 15 1/2 Inch Inside Diameter
Height: 9 1/4 Inch Inside Height
1 @List
$38.603 each
$29.875 each
$23.636 each